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    Theoretical training - 8 hrs. The training will take place on Friday 16th June in Elbląg Aeroclub and practical training in the air in the next 2 weeks, ie 17,18…
    ATTENTION, DROP ZONE PLACE IS CHANGED Due to air traffic restrictions of the Rebiechowo airport, all jumps in Przywidz are suspended. We invite you to skydving in Elbląg - Elbląg…
    Due to low temperature and bad weather jumps are planned from 13 May. Because of bad weather, skydive course is postponed to 12 May Details in the calendar on the…

Skydive Club 3miasto

Skydive Club 3miasto

Skydive Club 3miasto and Strefa Baltic is one of the largest skydiving  clubs and training centers, situated in Elblag close to Gdansk in the North of Poland and is probably the friendliest and most social skydiving club in the country.

Gdansk is just  1h 30 minutes away from the largest dropzone baltic, that equates to lots of jumping. We organize tandem jumps and AFF courses. The skydive club is essentially a big group of mates and friends where you will see all sorts of skydiving. It brings out the best in us all.

We run an active, friendly and professional skydiving school to learn the extreme sport art of free fall. You can be sure you are dealing with people actually involved in the teaching of skydiving and its safety not an agency.

There is always something going on from competitions, corporate events and  fun-days, to progression courses and seminars for our club members.

Jumps are organized  every weekend from April untill the end of October. For solo skydiving courses we invite everyone over 16 years old. Skydiving courses take only 8 hours. We make jumps from a TURBO FINIST SMG92  and fly 4000m - 13000ft. 

Jumps take place in  BALTIC ZONE  close to the seaside and beautifil sundy beaches near Gdansk.

We even have people book thier holidays around a scenic location and resorts that they want to visit and make a jump - but remember the weather!

Skydive Parachute Training Centre-Club 3miasto  is certified parachute organization.

School holds the following ratings:

Advance parachute  instructor

TANDEM instructor

AFF instructor

Formation Skydiving


Offering Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) courses, tandem and  training jumps. Whatever skydiving adventure you chose you will get personal professional instruction using state of the art equipment - the safest and most enjoyable way of getting into this sport whether you want to make a one off jump or become a serious skydiver.


We are representative of  the CAO - Civil Aviation Authority for the granting and renewal of permission for:

  • skydivers PJ B,C,D
  • parachute instructor
  • tandem pilot

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