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    Theoretical training - 8 hrs. The training will take place on Friday 16th June in Elbląg Aeroclub and practical training in the air in the next 2 weeks, ie 17,18…
    ATTENTION, DROP ZONE PLACE IS CHANGED Due to air traffic restrictions of the Rebiechowo airport, all jumps in Przywidz are suspended. We invite you to skydving in Elbląg - Elbląg…
    Due to low temperature and bad weather jumps are planned from 13 May. Because of bad weather, skydive course is postponed to 12 May Details in the calendar on the…

Skydiving rules


The participant is obliged :

  1. Comply the air regulations in Poland.
  2. Give the parachute to technical control by the  drop zone rigger or instructor.
  3. Perform jumps only on the approved rig by the Organizer.
  4. Have AAD, knife, and altimeter to the jumps.
  5. Audible altimeter is reqired at the freefly jumps.
  6. Get on board  in the order, fully dressed and ready to parachute jump.
  7. During the flight the plane to have  safety belt fastened to the alititude  of minutes. 300m (if fitted)
  8. Open the main parachute so that, the canopy fully opened  not less than 700m.
  9. Become familiar with the topography and location of the airport buildings.
  10. Become familiar  with the  landing zone and  land only in the designated area .
  11. Land in the direction indicated by the Organizer.
  12. Observe safety  approach rules to land (landing sequence).
  13. Observe the organizer and head of  jumps command.

I, the undersigned:

  1. I declare that I am aware of the risks follow from the parachute sport and agree to follow in order to minimize this risk.
  2. I will follow the safety rules both, during free fall and at the open parachute.
  3. I agree to take full responsibility for causing harm if it case damage during the parachute jump.
  4. I declare that I have read the warnings (on the canopy and in the instruction)  fixed by the manufacturer, give up responsibility  by the manufacturers of parachutes and lack of capacity to ensure  proper operation  of the parachute, even if properly prepared for his jump.
  5. I declare that I have been informed by the instructor of the danger to life or health hazards in the the parachute jump, as well as the inability to assist during  the jump.
  6. I declare, I will not participate in the jumps or other air operations at the alcohol or psychoactive substances which have affect health  that may affect on my mood or the way my perception, and if I feel unwell.
  7. I confirm my signature to read  Drop Zone rules  and  accept them.
  8. I confirm my signature  true of my personal data entered in the registration card.
  9. I declare and confirm the signature, that I will perform parachute jumps at the technically efficient parachute, which satisfies: 
    • a) all legal requirements,
    • b) with is technically efficient
    • c) it has actual  expiry date  reserve  pack  by rigger
    • d) with the appropriate  liability insurance.
  10. I release the liability of the Organiser and Head of  the jumps, for accidents or damage resulting  failure of the rules.
  11. I declare that in case of disability, death or other loss of health, I, nor my family, another person, or a legal representative does not make any requests to the jumps organizer.

According to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, I authorize the  Organizer  to  processing of my personal data and authorize / do not authorize to send information by e-mail organization.