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    Theoretical training - 8 hrs. The training will take place on Friday 16th June in Elbląg Aeroclub and practical training in the air in the next 2 weeks, ie 17,18…
    ATTENTION, DROP ZONE PLACE IS CHANGED Due to air traffic restrictions of the Rebiechowo airport, all jumps in Przywidz are suspended. We invite you to skydving in Elbląg - Elbląg…
    Due to low temperature and bad weather jumps are planned from 13 May. Because of bad weather, skydive course is postponed to 12 May Details in the calendar on the…


A tandem jump is a unique and recreational form of skydiving. It is the quickest and cheapest method of jumping with a qualified jumper. Minimal instruction and no doctor's physicals are necessary. A tandem jump is always done with an instructor from 4000m.


Skydiving is considered to be one of the safest extreme sports. All instructors are experienced and qualified and special equipment is always used.

Tandem parachutes are equipped with a backup safety device called AAD. AAD measures the difference of air pressure as compared to time. The parachute automatically opens an emergency parachute if necessary.

Parachutes are always equipped with a stabilizer which limits the speed of fall to 200 km/hr and stabilizes the free fall.


You shouldn't jump if you have serious heart problems, high-blood pressure, epilepsy, or a weight of 100 kg or higher.

  • When can you schedule your jump?

Jumps generally take place on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, from April to the end of October. Actual dates can be found on the calendar. Jumps can be sometimes organized during the winter time, November-March.

  • How should I dress?

We provide all the gear necessary for the jump: skydiving suit, helmets, goggles, gloves. You should wear something comfortable. Clothing wear and athletic shoes are recommended.

  • What to plan for:

It will take you about 15 minutes training to prepare for your jump. The entire duration of preparation for your jump and the jump itself will take about 1 hour but please reserve 2 hours to allot for unforseen circumstances such as weather or airport traffic.

  • Can my jump be filmed?

Your jump, fall, and landing can all be filmed. about 40 pictures can be also be taken throughout your jump.

  • How quickly do you fall?

About 200 km/hour.

  • How long does a jump last from 4000 meters?

About 50 seconds during free fall and about 7 minutes gliding after the parachute is opened.

After  jumping, you will receive a certificate verifying your jump. You will receive your video and pictures withing 14 days after your jump.


price for tandem jumps:

- from 4000m - 700 zl or 175 euro

Price for video in HD +photos on PENDRIVE - 280 zł or  70 euro (4000m)